Feiyu-Tech Vimble 2s


Main Features ◆Follow the unique design of the extendable rod in the Vimble Series, easily provide a super high view shooting / long-distance selfie shooting/stabilized shooting.

◆Tilt & roll axis motor lock makes gimbal convenient to carry out.
◆High-strength materials meet the demand from users for stability in both lower and higher temperatures.
◆Easily balance different smart phones by sliding the cross arm slightly.
◆Control original camera and popular beauty Cam APP or Feiyu ON APP, which meets different kinds of requirement.
◆Newly added all follow mode to rotate 360°without limitation. Easily to take POV view and creative video.
◆Upgrade the whole software to improve its stabilization and being easy to upgrade firmware on APP.
◆New UI design of Feiyu ON APP to supply a whole new experience of Hitchcock dolly zoom, overlapping image and light-tracking features, more new features can be found on APP.
◆The parameter of the motion-timelapse can be set on APP directly, and complete the rotation automatically only by click Start on APP.
◆Customize the function of trigger/function button to redefine its function individually.
◆To switch portrait/landscape mode by manually move the phone holder or tap on button, quickly to start live streaming.
◆Charging Vimble 2S and your smart phone anytime in any place, enjoy your shooting without worrying about the battery.
◆Equipped with Small Tripod and anti-lost rope as standard accessories, provide considerable service for users.
◆EPP carrying bag, protect your gimbal without any damage.
The working hours is up to 12 hours to supply more strong power for shooting.

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