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The Fujifilm FinePix S4800 is an ultra-zoom digital compact camera sporting a 30x Super EBC Fujinon optical zoom lens, full manual controls, a 16 megapixel sensor and sensor shift stabilisation. In this review, we’ll find out if the stabiliser is powerful enough for the long zoom to keep pictures sharp. Priced at around £135, the Fujifilm FinePix S4800 is available in black, red and white.

Image composition and playback is possible on the rear 3.0″ 230k-dot LCD monitor and a system of six automatic scene recognition modes (SR AUTO) helps to achieve optimized exposure settings for the situation in which you are photographing. For added convenience when using this camera, four AA batteries are used to provide power.


  • A 16 megapixel CCD sensor provides impressive image quality, low-light sensitivity to ISO 6400, and supports HD video recording in the 1280 x 720 format at 30fps. Movie recording is accessible through a dedicated button and still images can be captured while recording videos.
  • A 3.0″ 230k-dot LCD monitor provides a large, bright screen for live view monitoring, image review, and clear menu navigation.
  • SR AUTO can automatically apply one of six scene modes (Portrait, Landscape, Night, Macro, Night Portrait, or Backlit Portrait) to your image to optimize camera settings to best expose for the type of scenario you are photographing in.
  • Fast startup time of 1.3 sec. and a fast autofocus time of 0.3 sec. enable quick, efficient usability.
  • Individual Shutter 3D captures two exposures of the same scene and saves them together in the MPO file format in order to produce an image that mimics a stereo image process.
  • Motion panorama mode allows you to record expansive views up to 360° wide in a seamless, sweeping manner.
  • 18 different Scene Positions are available: Zoom Bracketing, Portrait, Landscape, Night (Tripod), Snow, Flower, Natural Light & with Flash, Baby Mode, Sport, Fireworks, Beach, Text, Natural Light, Smile & Shoot, Night, Sunset, Party, and Individual Shutter 3D.
  • This camera utilizes Fujifilm’s TTL 256-zone metering system to provide accurate exposure readings. It can meter in Multi, Average, and Spot patterns.
  • Face Detection optimizes photographs of people by detecting and biasing exposure and focus settings faces present within the scene. Additionally, Face Tracking Auto Focus is available to maintain critical focus on moving subjects within the scene.
  • Instant Zoom utilizes subject tracking and allows you to view the area around your subject while composing, then, when the shutter button is released, the selected frame will be recorded at a 1.4x or 2.0x digital zoom magnification.
  • Built-in social networking allows you to pre-tag and label images and video in-camera prior to offloading the imagery to your computer. Once tagged and delegated to the social platform of your choice, the images will be automatically uploaded once you connect the camera to your computer.


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